Leading On Purpose


  • I'm Nicole Sheikh.

    I work with individuals and organizations to create meaningful change.

    As a professional certified Co-Active Coach (CPCC), I support my clients in strengthening the connection to their inner wisdom and emotional intelligence so that they can solve problems creatively and lead from a place of clarity and authenticity. I call that "leading on purpose". I specialize in working with leaders at growth-stage companies and anyone working through big career transitions or attempting to make bold changes in their life.


    Areas of expertise:

    • Connecting work to purpose
    • Leadership development
    • Executive presence
    • Career transitions
    • Creative problem solving
    • Self-advocacy
    • Motivation
    • Accountability


    My experience includes 7 years in leadership roles at high-growth companies, most recently at Slack Technologies, where I served as the Director of Customer Experience Services, leading a world-class 150+ person global support organization. Prior to that I worked at Twitter, Inc. during the company’s rapid acceleration from fledgling startup to publicly traded company. I understand firsthand the challenges leaders face in a fast-paced, high-performing environment and what it takes to find a meaningful career path that aligns passion with purpose.

  • What clients say about working with me...

    "Nicole helped me navigate a big career pivot, and I'm so lucky to have had her as a partner through the process. I came to her with vague professional discontent and walked away having found a new job – and career path – I love. Our sessions were thought-provoking – I had space to think imaginatively and humor the 'big dreams' I don't typically give much airtime to. We came up with creative solutions to mundane and big challenges alike, which was fun. This meant our biweekly sessions were immediately useful (how can I have more energy at the end of my days?) and they gradually added up to something significant (what environment will be conducive to me bringing my best self to work?). Nicole is uniquely great at what she does, and I can't recommend her enough."
    — Liz Mills, Chief of Staff at True Botanicals

    "I began working with Nicole because I was feeling frustrated at work. She helped me pinpoint what was causing my frustrations and why I was feeling that way. This process in itself made me feel a lot better in the moment! We continued to work at the problem by putting together a plan for getting me into a better headspace at work. I've since changed jobs and am extremely happy. Nicole's support and guidance have been instrumental in my success. She played a huge role in helping me recognize the initial problem and determining how to address it. Nicole is someone I trust to help me through all types of problems and situations - in both my work and personal life. I cannot thank Nicole enough for all her help."

    — Meghan Earley, Design Researcher at Dropbox

    "One common idea that threads through the hours Nicole and I have worked together is risk-taking. In discussing my experiences at work and at home, and my reactions to those experiences, Nicole helped me discover ways my internal dependency on having a backup plan has inhibited my learnings and stifled my growth. Thanks to Nicole, I have been taking on bigger and bigger risks and going on adventures that pushed me outside of my comfort zone, both personally and professionally. Moreover, throughout our sessions, Nicole helped me develop mental imageries and mindsets to navigate these new and potentially uncomfortable situations. I recommend Nicole for her dedication, creativity, and care."

    — Y.D., Entrepreneur